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Who we are...

Raffa Clinic is a faith based 501c3 non-profit located in Greenville, Texas. Founded in 2000, Raffa Clinic strives to serve our local communities with a Godly view of sexuality, pregnancy, and parenting: through ongoing, practical and emotional support and education to help the communities to embrace healthy lifestyles. We accomplish through our 4 areas of ministry: Real Talk Prevention Program, Raffa Clinic, Parenting Education Program, and Raffa Ministries.

The purpose of the Raffa Clinic’s Real Talk Character and Sexuality Education Program is to empower teens in Hunt County with accurate information and practical tools to help them make healthy decisions, build strong relationships, and fully experience the benefits of saving sex for marriage

Having a child is one of life's greatest blessings. Babies transform our lives in ways we can't even imagine until we experience the joys of parenthood. Unfortunately, some people are not prepared to deal with the changes having a child brings to their lives. Being a parent, though joyous, is not easy. An unplanned pregnancy can be devastating, especially for women who may feel overwhelmed with guilt, anxiety, and desperation. Women facing an unplanned pregnancy have difficult, and life-altering decisions to make. Judgement and blame will not help them make their choices.

What these women need are facts, medical attention, and compassion to meet them where they are so they do not have to deal with an unplanned pregnancy alone. Raffa Clinic provides pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, pregnancy education, and material resources to our patients at no cost to them.

Raffa Education Services

Our goal is to equip and build families to succeed. Our Education Program is our fastest growing part of ministry. We recently acquired a 5,000 sq ft building in the heart of Greenville, TX to expand these services and reach even more families in Northeast Texas. Families can learn while they earn credit in our boutique and receive diapers, baby items, and material assistance.

Raffa Ministries

Raffa is first and foremost a ministry outreach to our community. Raffa Ministries focuses on caring for the emotional and spiritual needs of our clients and their families. While practicing permission-based care, our clients can receive prayer, Bible study, and mentoring. We also provide Biblically based counseling for women who have experienced miscarriage, sexual abuse, and abortion.

"Raffa Clinic means having a family to help you along the way."